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Balunga Toka 2011 odia cinema songs, videos, audio jukebox

Watch Balunga Toka (2011) odia cinema all songs and videos here.

Listen Balunga Toka odia movie audio jukebox and get lyrics of all songs here.

Director – Sudhakara Basanta
Starring – Anubhav Mohanty, Barsha Priyadarshini & Papu Pom Pom
Music Director – Abhijit Majumdar
Lyrics – Nirmal Nayak
Singers – Bibhu Kishore & Udit Narayan

Song – Balunga Toka Title Song
Singers – Bibhu Kishore & Papu
Composer – Abhijit Majumdar
Lyricist – Dr Nirmal Nayak

Song – Kichhi Hau Hau Kichhi Hela
Singer – Babul Supriyo
Lyrics – Nizam
Music Director – Abhijit Majumdar

Song – Mana Ta Emiti Eka Pagala Diwana
Singers – Babul Supriyo & Pamela Jain
Lyrics – Nirmala Nayak
Music Director – Abhijit Majumdar

Song – Palake Nua Sapana Basa Bandhuthila
Singers – Udit Narayana & Anjali Mishra
Lyrics – Nizam
Music Director – Abhijit Majumdar

Song – Tuki Sei Sapana
Singers – Javed Ali & Pamela Jain
Lyrics – Nirmala Nayak
Music Director – Abhijit Majumdar

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