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Abhijit Majumdar

Abhijit Majumdar
Abhijit Majumdar

Abhijit Majumdar is the only music director of recent times who is busy in composing for oriya films, modern albums and bhajan cassettes. Basically he is from Sambalpur, but now established in Cuttack.

Abhijit Majumdar came from Sambalpur to cuttack for music. He started his struggle by arranging music for others. Then he got some oppurtunities to compose music for some cassettes. But all these cassettes floped. After composing for ten albums he could not make a mark. Then he made his mind to return home city Sambalpur.

But God has other plan for him. At that time a bhajan cassette ‘Nadia Rani’ became a hit and popular among oriya people. A song ‘Nadia re lagithau kata, lo gaja mukuta’ composed by him from this album got him recognition. This devotional songs album produced by Sarthak Music.

After that Abhijit made a own style of music and recognised by oriya listeners for his signature style of songs like Tora Krushna Chuda Rangara, Ae Salu, Mausi Ghara bhada Daba Ki etc. He made a modern album for Sartahk Music ‘Prathama Dekha’ which was a big hit.

Abhijit Majumdar Oriya Songs

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